We as a brand felt it was so important to help sustain our environment.
our integrity to the brand focuses on factors of sustainability, eliminate waste, recycle, minimize pollution and single usage just to name a few.

Lets start to have an open conversation about the nature of the fashion industry and how it impacts our environment. 

Did you know that 1 pair of jeans is one person drinking water for 10 years. Now that should make you really think about the consumption and impact fashion has on our environment. Even though most jeans are made from cotton jeans can be unsustainable due to the make of the item.

We at Ronda try our very best to make the best decisions for the environment and that could include fabric choice, down to the necessity of the manufacturing of a garment.
I've put together a small guide in terminology of sustainability to help you understand a little more in regards to fashion for anyone that is interested or new sustainability. 

SUSTAINABILTY: Focuses on meeting the needs of the present without  compromising  the future ( in terms, anything to help our environment at present)

UP-CYCLE: A garment can be up-cycled by altering a piece into something different (new) This can be small or large in change. (All of our upcycled pieces have never been worn new items that have been reworked as saved from landfill) 

REGENERATE: Is very similar to up-cycle, as an example, we can regenerate a garment by using the existing fabric into something new.

COMPOSTABLE/ BIODEGRADABLE: Material that is able to break down to its natural element, which are not harmful to the environment. 

GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS: Gas vented to the earths atmosphere.

GREENWASHING: Claiming to be sustainable through marketing, when often they are not at all.  

We at Ronda are also always learning and moving forward as technology helps to solve eco sustainable demands. As new technology is introduced we will be able to continue and to improve our practices to better our environment.